Friday, April 06, 2007

Drunken Driving Laws Un-Constitutional

Are laws for Driving Under the Influence unreasonably harsh because of MADD's influence in the halls of Congress? Are your rights being violated? In many cases people convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol are punished more harshly than sexual predators and murderers. Is this justice for all?

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Judy said...

"Drunk Driving Penalties - Un-Constitutional?"

Another great article Ron, did you see the one where the MADD volunteer drank 3.5 glasses of wine, in 2 hours and registered a .15 BAC? I ran the numbers and she had to weigh LESS than 100 lbs... some said 60 lbs.....but they didn't mention how the two men volunteers did (blew)....all for the Judicial councils consideration....HUM
Its on if you haven't seen it yet.