Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Government Asks America: How Stupid Are You?

By Ron DeYoung

Most of the years of my life, I’ve been a pretty carefree, happy individual; just taking things one day at a time. My mother ensures me that I was a happy baby, a rambunctious toddler, a “smart-assed” pre-teen and an ambitious, friendly teenager, who managed to get into my share of trouble. She’s also commented that while my brother and sister were angry as young adults, I never disrespected her and usually listened to her as she tried to tell me what I was doing wrong in my life. I appeared to be listening but to be truthful, I was drunk those years. I don’t remember much, but even police reports say I was a happy, fun, drunk as I was hauled to jail.

Well, I’m probably in the second half of that life now, and although I’m often happy, try to look at things with a comical eye and enjoy making others laugh; to be honest with you I’m madder than hell! It is extremely difficult for me to look at the world today and find humor in what I see. Even my dear mother asks me how I ever got to be so opinionated.

My mental status has spanned the emotional spectrum. There are probably many in the psychological community that would say I repressed my anger until recently, but I don’t believe that. I didn’t start noticing real anger issues with myself until I started paying attention to what was happening in the world around me. This period of time just happens to coincide with when George Bush allegedly had his brother, Florida Governor Jeb and his Secretary of State Katherine Harris, cook the 2002 Presidential election results in Florida. That made me mad!

When Harris was elected to the House of Representatives in 2002, I assumed the people of Florida had blindly forgiven her for whatever role she played getting George into office, and that’s their right. Recently, someone tried to run her down with his car, so some Floridian’s may have changed their minds. He missed, but I chuckled.

When George Bush lied to the American people and the World about WMD’s and then sent our men and women to die for oil and to make Bush’s friends wealthier… that upset me! When a little more than half the voters in America actually re-elected Bush and his administration lined with good ol’ boys and girls, I was a little more than half angry at American voters.

But in spite of the anger and fear for the future that I experienced, I had to shake my head in a convoluted mixture of pity, shame, disgust and disbelief. “Can’t anyone else see the problems,” I repeatedly asked myself? Is everybody that blind…. or have they been effective in dumbing down the masses to the point we quit asking why? It’s even crossed my mind that the average American citizen is just plain stupid! Numerous recent and current events indicate that Bush, his advisors, his cabinet and anyone who benefits from his policies and actions (read cronies), all think the people he’s been elected by are STUPID! That’s what they think of us! We are the ignorant, apathetic, stupid taxpayer!

Lately, I’ve watched with perverted glee as this corrupted and amoral administration has begun to crumble. I thought it was terrific when Colin Powel jumped ship as Secretary of State. I’m utterly amazed every time Haliburton is awarded another no bid contract to repair what Bush has destroyed. I snickered when Michael Brown was revealed as an incompetent baboon that did Bush a favor once so was given the responsibility of managing national emergencies. I can’t wait to see what becomes of Harriet Miers’ nomination to the Supreme Court. She’s been quoted saying he’s the most intelligent man she knows. Should we have a blatant liar sitting on the highest bench in the land? I think she likes him. Nonetheless, even George’s strong base of conservative thugs and corporate crooks are unable to support his choice. That leaves the Democratic people bumping into walls wondering what’s going to come out of this Trojan horse. I sure wish those democrats would get a plan and take advantage of the situation,

Those are just a few examples of where I’ve found my amusement lately. I didn’t mention Delay, Rove, Frist or even Katrina. I also skipped social security, poverty, health care, fuel prices, the eternal wars, the eternal search for Osama bin laden, the rape of the U.S. Constitution, corporate corruption, etc., etc. The internet is only so long and I don’t want to run out of space.

Another question that I have, is if a patriotic, U.S. Navy veteran, red-blooded American is laughing at the stumbling, fumbling, backward steps of the Bush crew, how would you imagine enemies see us? They think we’re all stupid too, and who can blame them?

Although I’ve found plenty to be furious about lately, my rage is giving in to maniacal laughter. Instead of being angry I’ve become deliriously astounded at what the government is getting away with. And they have no shame! Instead of laying low for the next three years, George has to go public and rub our noses in his illusions of grandeur. He’s in New Orleans every week for no apparent reason other than to fly around in his big airplane and to get on the news. And when we see him on TV we don’t pay attention to what he says. No, we’ve got analysts documenting how many times he blinks his eyes, taps his foot or picks his nose when answering a question. Still, his popularity among the people he represents continues to plummet.

President Bush leaves me with very few emotional options. The anger’s gone the way of the humor and is being replaced by pity. It’s not even enjoyable picking on the President and all the President’s men and women anymore. When I do it leaves me feeling about the same way I’d feel if I were challenging the kid in a wheelchair to a foot race. The only thing left for me to do today, is plead with my fellow Americans for their understanding and compassion. We can’t place all the blame on George for treating us like a pack of stupid morons. We elected him….TWICE!

The history books will tell the story of how he failed in his attempt to be king of the world. Hopefully those books won’t say how we let him destroy democracy in the process. Keeping that from happening is our responsibility, and if we don’t stop the government and corporate America from continuing to abuse us, I guess we are as stupid as they think, and probably shouldn’t be allowed the freedom to think for ourselves.


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mrmosiris said...

It is not really us that are the stupid ones. The government will do anything they want to even if we try to stop them. This is why George Bush was elected twice, they made sure of it. They will lie, cheat steal and even kill at will and nobody can stop them! Even if you come close to stopping them they will simply "make you dissapear". It is no secret anymore that we are a secret dictatorship society and by use of brainwashing the public with constant lies they continue to get away with anything. Soon... "We The People" will need to all rise up and take our country back from our evil rulers! We are not stupid just imprisoned in our so-called "Free" country and I for one am sick and tired of being controlled as well as getting my reputation (as the world sees us)destroyed for the sake of money and power.